Our experience is what counts

ENEV is a busy precision engineering milling and turning firm, specialising in long turning work. Launched in 1984, over the last couple of decades we have built up an impressive experience; something which all our clients appreciate and benefit from. Whatever your specification, we have the solution; something our comprehensively equipped production hall and widely experienced staff ensures. Each and every one of them is a specialist in his or her own right, fully trained in their particular trade or specialism and who take on each assignment as a personal challenge. Certainly an invaluable asset!

Zero % capacity loss

No one else knows our trade like we do. This is demonstrated among other things by our minute examination and checking of all parts of the production process. From purchase of the base materials to delivery of the end product, nothing is left to chance. Each aspect in the production process will always be double-checked by a second specialist from our team. This eye for detail and our continuous striving for a premier quality guarantees zero % capacity loss. All of which can only be to your advantage.

You decide

A small, medium or large series? From your own drawings or specifications? Or would you like us to assist and participate in the development phase, the design and the construction? Everything is possible, you can be the one to decide which part of our specialist service you would like to utilise. But whatever you choose, you can always rely on:

  • - an attractive price in line with the market
  • - excellent and proven quality
  • - rapid and guaranteed delivery times

Give it a go!

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